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* What Makes Our Repair Facility Different ?

What Makes Us Different ? We offer slipping your vessel on the unique facility, first in Brisbane Waters. Working to improve our environmental performance, in 2012 we upgraded our old slipway to a new Boat Lift. Our new Boat Lift is boat friendly, environmentally friendly, safe for people to work on, and suitable for variety of boats we can lift for service or repair, including wide multi-hulls.

Boat friendly.

Environmentally friendly.

Safe for people to work on the boat.

Variety of boats we can lift.

Price efficient.

* Rates & Terms - Boat Lift

Killcare Marina prides itself on supplying a high quality product at affordable rates. Call us to discuss your specific requirements. We are keen to provide you with the best service so you will be happy to come back and see us again.

Boat Lift Fee:
 1st Day $ 9 / f
  Subsequent Days  $ 7 / f
Handling Fee Monohull   $ 70/ vessel
Handling Fee Multihull
  $ 220
/ vessel
Pressure Gun Hire$ 35 / event
Environmental Levy $ 33/ vessel


All prices are GST inclusive. Pricing is subject to change.


The above prices do not apply to DIY Customers. DIY weekend bookings are generally available, please call for a quote.

Additional charges apply to all other work carried out, including preparation and priming damage to underwater surfaces, painting and repairs.

Killcare Marina imposes additional costs for the use of outside contractors. Any contractor entering the site must have prior approval from Killcare Marina and supply a copy of their public liability insurance.

No work will be carried out without receipt of a signed agreement.

Full payment must be received prior to the launching of your vessel.

Bookings are essential.

Marina Operating Hours
Monday to Friday8:00am - 4:30pm
  Otherwise by Appointment
Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day
* Boat Lift - Bookings

Applications for Boat Lift can be made by completing a User Agreement or contacting us.

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PLEASE FILL OUT ALL FIELDS, SCAN and EMAIL to This e-mail Address is being Protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . We'll be in touch shortly to confirm your application.


* Vessel Slip / Clean / Antifoul

Killcare Marina currently has a boat lift facility which is capable of slipping vessels to 15m (50ft) in length, 10m (33ft) in beam and 16t in weight. We carry out anti-fouling, repairs in either fibreglass or timber, along with polishing and other requested work. Our boat lift services include:

  1. Lift, Clean and Antifoul
    Acid Wash
    Anodes Replacement
    Prop Speed Treatment
  2. Engine and Drive Repairs
    General Repairs
  3. Wash and Polish

We provide a complete package that is affordable, reliable and high quality. We take the opportunity to give your hull a good visual inspection during the antifouling process to ensure everything is in good order. We also check for things like osmosis, cracking and early signs of electrolysis. Below we have outlined the usual process we take when performing and Antifouling service. Please read more ... and let us know if you have any questions or would like a free no obligation quotation.


You can rest assured that at the end of the job you will have a thoroughly cleaned, prepared and antifouled hull that will last the distance.

Image Image Image 

How We Do It

So the time has come and your pride and joy finally requires a new coat of antifouling paint.

We can provide a pickup service for your boat should you be unable to arrange delivery to our facilities.

Your Vessel is lifted using our boat lift.

The hull is thoroughly cleaned using ultra high pressure fresh water to clean and remove most organic growth. Anodes are removed if required.

We then move onto cleaning of the hull water line, removing scum staining on the hull. The hull, shafts, props, etc are then inspected. All underwater strainers, skin, grates and fittings below the water line are thoroughly cleaned and prepared for AntiFouling.

If the vessel is stern driven, the leg is thoroughly inspected and cleaned, removing all contaminate from the leg, focusing special attention to the most vulnerable parts of the Stern Drive Leg around the belows where excessive growth can lead to premature failure of the below’s causing sea water to enter the area between the gimbal bearing on the transom and the rear leg bearing which can cause failure and siezure to many related components. This is a very important part of the inspection and cleaning process.

Having decided what antifouling you are going to apply we need to consider the condition of your hull. Irrespective of which paint is already on your hull, it should be in good condition with little or no damage and be compatible with the antifouling we are going to apply. We will need to give the surface a good wet sand. This will remove the top layer of paint that is depleted in biocides, contains salt and calcium deposits and is not in a condition to accept a new coat of paint. Failure to remove this layer will lead to blistering, delamination or even poor antifouling performance as ingredients and biocides in the new paint permeate the old depleted layer.

If the paint is an unknown product, after sanding and washing, we allow it to dry thoroughly and apply a sealer/tie coat. This will seal the old antifouling avoiding unwanted interaction between old and new and will create a surface the new antifouling can bond to, otherwise the freshly applied antifouling will fall off.

If the hull has damaged areas these will require re-priming.

If your hull is new, then choice of priming is one for the individual. The epoxy primer will give you a harder, tougher finish and, for gelcoat boats, will offer a degree of osmosis resistance. A more simple primer makes future repair work easy as it is re-coated with itself and any antifouling with minimal hard work.

Priming of the hull begins.

Advanced Industry leading AntiFoul is applied to the hull after final preparation post the priming stage to the manufacturers specifications.

All other inlets, hoses, speedo, etc are cleaned and de masked.

Anodes are placed back on the vessel or replaced if required.

After the manufacturers recommended cure time, the vessel is back into the water, and is ready for delivery.

We can deliver the boat back to you if required.


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